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Emotional engagement: The magic ingredient in any customer experience

Build a better relationship with your customer through an emotionally engaging customer experience. 

It's easier than you think.




Something is missing in your customer experiences but you aren’t sure what it is. All you know is that you aren't getting the results you want.

You may be seeing trends like:  

  • Low social media response
  • No one opening or reading your emails
  • Low site traffic
  • Low response to special offers
  • Lower than expected conversion and sales

You suspect that you’re not connecting to your audience, but you aren’t sure why. According to best practices, you are doing all the right things. Solid email marketing strategies. Great social media posts. Sound SEO strategies. Easy user experience.

But you think you may be failing because:

  • Your messaging isn’t targeted enough or is "off" somehow
  • Your customer experience may be too complicated
  • Your product or service isn’t relevant
  • You are solving a problem that your customers don’t need or value

What if I told you that all of your reasons are correct? 

Low engagement is a symptom of problematic customer relationships. And problematic customer relationships are a symptom of a disconnect between your business and your customers. 

  • You may have changed your business strategies - marketing and sales - and not realized its full impact on your customers. 
  • You may think you have a targeted message, but you aren't connecting emotionally. 
  • Your customers may have a different perception of your company and what it does than you think.

These sound like huge problems, but they aren't.  

Most times, the problem is that you don't know your customers as well as you may think you do. This means that you aren't engaging with them emotionally. That's important. And I'll show you why.

We sometimes forget that how we view our customers determines how we treat them. You'll see why this is also important.

This webinar provides a way for you to see your customers in a new light and develop the right strategy to find the customers who value the problem you are solving. 

You will learn what’s needed to build a better relationship with your customers to expand your business, discover how customers may see your company and product, and find customers who need what you are selling.  

This FREE 1-hour webinar will get you started on a new way to engage with your customers that leverages some of the latest in psychology and brain science. 

No gimmicks (I don’t do those). No tricks. 

All science, psychology, process, and learning to see your customers in a different way.

Need more convincing about emotional engagement being the right solution? 

Harvard Business Review recently issued a video that summarized a study demonstrating the impact of connecting emotionally with your customers. It drastically improved a retailer's bottom line. Further, researchers originally published an article promoting this idea in 2015. This approach to solve what seems like a complex customer problem where customers are just "stuck," not purchasing and not taking action, works. 

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Mary Brodie has 15+ years of experience working with leaders and executives – from startups to Fortune 500s – to create memorable customer experiences.

Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie Founder - Gearmark, Customer Experience Strategist