Great customer relationships mean more revenue.

Build a better customer relationship by emotionally engaging with them

In 5 hours, learn how to add the magic of emotions to your business.

Everyone thinks that you need to hire a fancy design firm or advertising agency to have emotionally engaging experiences at your company. 

That's not true. 

Actually, many of the great companies today do this - even as a tiny start-up. Airbnb. Warby Parker. Apple (when it started and was teeny tiny).  

You can do this too. 

If you are a solopreneur or early stage start-up and want to connect with your customers emotionally, I can show you how in 5 coaching sessions. 

Yes, all it takes is 5 meetings

What you'll get by the end of the 5 sessions:

  • Insights into your target customer - who they are, the problem they really have, and what they want for a solution.
  • Understand the problem that you truly solve and your solution from your customer's perspective.
  • Identify an approach to communicate with your customer to make your solution a higher priority for them.
  • Identify key messaging points that differentiate your company and highlight your unique solution.  
  • Develop a list of activities and tactics to make your company - and brand - come alive.

After the 5 sessions, you'll see your customers in a new light and be able to use that perspective to develop the right strategies for finding customers who value the problem you are solving. And you'll create an experience at your company that they won't forget. 

Clip from the Webinar: Why feelings and emotions matter when making decisions?

Why did I create this program?

Solopreneurs and new entrepreneurs have the same needs as established companies, but the scale is different. I have found that all companies need a starting point to create great experiences and after learning the basics, can create their own engaging programs, content, and experiences.

You don't need a firm or agency to get started. You only need to understand how to think about your company, product, and customers.

I formulated this approach after 20 years in content marketing and customer and user experience. 

I realized that emotions matter years ago, when I worked with a Bay area online digital printing company. It was my first Gearmark project. They had a site, but it was difficult to use. However, I quickly learned that their customers loved ordering print work from them. It wasn't just because they could pick up the print work down the street, but the work quality was excellent for the price.  

I talked to a few customers to discover how they used the site. And they liked working with this company so much that they were willing to do all of these crazy workarounds to get the system to work as they wanted.  

The biggest insight from the calls was that they wanted the ability to get the best print price and delivery date by selecting different print turnaround times and shipping costs. They were cost conscious and time sensitive and needed extreme flexibility. Even if they didn't use it.  

So we created a shopping cart that allowed them to do that - choose the print turnaround time and the shipping time to see when they should expect the item and the total cost.  

The improvement was a hit! There was a spike in sales that just didn't quit. By appealing to the customers' need for flexibility, we created a winner. (And the approach was copied across the industry too!) 

I've re-created this result at a number of other companies as well. 

For an IT hardware company, we create a content marketing program for one product line that helped educate people about the technology and how to select the right solution for their company. We also managed a division's site that generated millions in leads.

For a travel SaaS company, we created a cross-sell/upsell product that is now used at American Airlines and other global travel companies. It leverages elements to appeal to what motivates people to book hotel rooms and more.

For a telecom company, we created a support site that helped the company rank #2 for support globally by understanding what motivated customers to go there - and get them what they needed.

It would be great to talk to you to see how we can get your company to have engaging customer experiences and see results. 

Clip from the webinar: Value and worth

Need more convincing about emotional engagement being the right solution? 

Harvard Business Review recently issued a video that summarized a study demonstrating the impact of connecting emotionally with your customers. It drastically improved a retailer's bottom line. Further, researchers originally published an article promoting this idea in 2015. This approach to solve what seems like a complex customer problem where customers are just "stuck," not purchasing and not taking action, works. 

About Gearmark's Founder and Your Coach, Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie is an experience strategist and founder of Gearmark. She has been helping companies create memorable customer experiences, online and offline, for over 20 years. From apps to content strategy to lead gen programs, Mary has helped companies achieve results that contribute to the bottom line. But achieving great results takes a great team that works well together. Mary’s work extends into team dynamics and internal processes. She believes that the internal employee experience of a company is just as important as the customer experience it creates. Mary attended MIT, graduated from Simmons College with a BA and MA, and recently graduated from IE University in Madrid with an Executive Masters in Corporate Communication.

Mary Brodie